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Coping Skills Series


At SHCS, we have FREE 50 minutes Coping Skills Series (CSS) or workshops available for students to learn more about specific topics or develop skills relating to mental health. We offer the following workshops below.  Download a PDF copy of all our Group Therapy handout and workshops. 

Getting Unstuck | Recognition, Insight, & Openness (RIO) | Seeking Serenity | Social Anxiety Toolbox | Taming the Anxious Mind (TAM) 

If you are interested in a workshop, please sign up for a workshop.

Coping Skills Series (CSS)

Getting Unstuck

A 3-session workshop intended to help students’ increase their understanding and knowledge about depression.  This workshop will also provide attendees with life-long tools to use while facing depressive symptoms. 

Recognition, Insight and Openness (RIO)

This 3-session workshop focuses on skill development and learning to respond to distress in a flexible way. The workshop help attendees 1) gain a deeper understanding of their concerns, 2) create flexibility in how they view and approach distressful situations, and 3) help them take steps toward living with a wide range of emotions.

Seeking Serenity

This 3-week workshop will help participants understand their emotional experience. Skills in distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and mindfulness will be taught and participants will learn ways to manage their overwhelming emotional experiences.

Social Anxiety Toolbox

This weely workshop will help provide participants with a better understanding of social anxiety. It will also teach skills to manage it, including cognitive, behavioral, and minful self-compassion approaches.

Taming the Anxious Mind (TAM)

This 3-week workshop will provide participants a better understanding of their anxious mind. Participants will learn effective ways to calm the body, calm the mind, and to create a stress-tolerant lifestyle.