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Cougar Care Network

The Cougar Care Network (CCN) is CSUSM’s early support initiative to improve student success, retention, and persistence. Through early alert referrals from campus community members, CCN serves as a safety “net” to assist students who may be experiencing challenges inside or outside of the classroom.

We are all Cougar Care Network!

Faculty and staff at CSUSM care about our student success and want to make sure students have the information, resources and support needed to ensure their personal and academic success.

Most students will receive support from one of the following areas:

  • CARE Manager (Dean of Students Office)
  • Disability Support Services (DSS)
  • Personalized Academic Success Services (PASS)
  • Special Groups (ACE, CAMP, DSS, EOP, PASO, TRIO SSS, Veterans)
  • Title IX/Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
  • University Police Department

Faculty and staff participate by referring students for additional support and resources. All referrals are sent to the Student Outreach & Referral Coordinator who will then connect students to the appropriate department.



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Cougar Care Network
Dean of Students Office
Office location: University Student Union (USU) 3500

(760) 750-4935
(760) 750-3387