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What We Do

The Cougar Care Network (CCN) provides infomation, support, advocacy, and resources to students experiencing academic, personal, financial, and/or mental health concerns which may be impacting their well-being. The Cougar Care Network staff includes Student Services Specialists and Case Managers. We can help you identify your immediate needs, make appropriate referrals to campus and community resources, and provide support until your concern is resolved.

Common Concerns:

  • Emotional Distress/Mental Health
  • Death of family member or close friend
  • Financial hardship
  • Housing crisis
  • Academic and/or attendance concerns
  • Family/relationship difficulties
  • Serious illness or injury

We know it's hard to ask for help sometimes...but that's what we're here for!

The Cougar Care Network is available to assist with questions, and to take referrals from any faculty, staff, family, friend, or community member concerned about a student's well-being.