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We provide many different resources and services for students, and can be your advocate if you are struggling to find your voice. If you're not sure if we can help, just ask! If we don't know the answer, we will find someone who does.

Cougar Care Network Referral Form



  • I am a student. How do I get help from CCN?
    There are multiple ways you can get help from CCN! You can walk-into our office, call us, email us, or fill out a self-referral
  • When should I complete a referral for a student?

    Faculty/Staff/Family should fill out a CCN referral when they have concerns about:

    • Academics (e.g. poor academic performance, at risk of failing course, significant absences without explanation, etc.) - We suggest an Early Academic Intervention (if for GEL, GEW 101A/101B, GEO 102, UNIV, PHIL 110, Math 105/5, and Math 115) OR general CCN referral for all other courses.
    • Behavioral (e.g. change in mood, disruptive behavior, etc.)
    • Personal challenges (e.g. family crisis, death in the family, significant life changes, mental health, etc.)
    • Basic Needs (e.g. financial needs, food insecurity, potential emergency funds, housing insecurity or loss of housing, transportation, computer loaner or hot spot assistance, loss of job, etc) 

    And you are welcome to refer yourself or a classmate, too!  

  • What is a referral and what does it do?

    A referral is a way to give us information about yourself/a student so that we can then reach out via email and phone call to try to connect. When we connect with a you/the student, we offer a kind listening ear, support, resources, and advocacy.  

  • My professor referred me to now what?
    • A member of Cougar Care Network will contact you by phone or email and will invite you to set up a time to chat. The goal of CCN is to provide you with information, resources, and support to help you resolve any issues or concerns that may be getting in the way of your academics.
  • If I am referred, is it mandatory to respond?

    We would love to hear from you! However, it is not mandatory. It is up to YOU if you would like to receive help from us. If you change your mind and want to get in touch later or after we close your case, you are always welcome to do so! 

  • Is what I talk about confidential?

    Anything you talk about will be confidential between you and the CCN team member that you talk to, however all CCN staff are mandated reporters. This means that if you disclose anything regarding child abuse, elder abuse, significant harm to yourself or another person, our staff is required by law to report that information to the appropriate authorities such as police.

    • If you report a sexual assault or discrimination/harassment/retaliation (DHR) situation, we are required to report it to our Title IX / DHR offices for further support.   
    • If you would prefer to talk to a non-mandated reporter regarding a sexual assault and keep your concern confidential, you can connect with our Sexual Violence advocates. 
  • If I referred someone, will I know if CCN was able to help them?

    Referral sources will receive an automatic confirmation email that their referral has been submitted/received. Within about 2 weeks of your referral, you will receive a second email stating that CCN either was or was not able to connect with the student. To protect our student’s privacy, any information beyond that will only be provided on a case-by-case basis when permission is given from the student or if there is a safety concern.  

    You are always welcome to consult with CCN staff for general ideas for support and resources for students. 

  • What if I don’t want to talk with someone, but still want help?
    CCN staff can email or Teams message you, if you prefer to communicate in writing.  Or you can search for what you need from over 200 resource links on our website 24 hours, 7 days per week.  We assure you that we are non-judgmental and student-focused, and hope you might give us a chance.

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