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CSUSM Compass Card

Parking and Commuter, along with North County Transit District, is subsidizing the cost of the monthly SPRINTER/BREEZE pass for eligible CSUSM students. Eligible students must have a valid CSUSM ID with the proper validation sticker (verification of enrollment).  

SPRINTER/BREEZE Monthly Transit Pass

EFFECTIVE JULY 2018 - The SPRINTER/BREEZE Monthly Transit Pass will be $40, providing a $19 savings off the regular monthly price.  
The transit pass is sold and reloaded onto the reusable Compass Card. The Compass Card is a plastic card that is reloadable and reusable. Click here to find more information on the Compass Card

Purchasing and Reloading a Compass Card

CSUSM transit commuters can purchase their Compass Card loaded with their monthly transit pass at the Parking and Commuter Services office.  

The monthly fare can be purchased at the PACS office from the 25th of the previous month through the 15th of the current month (i.e. for a September monthly transit pass, the fare would be purchased August 25th through September 15th).  

Passes are only valid on a calendar month. For example, the September pass will only be valid for the month of September, regardless of what date you purchased it.  

The monthly transit pass is loaded at the Parking and Commuter Services and activated automatically when the Compass Card is 'tapped' on the card validator at the SPRINTER station or on the BREEZE bus.  

First time users of the CSUSM monthly transit pass can purchase the plastic Compass Card for $5.00.  

To protect your Compass Card if it is ever lost, stolen, or damaged it must be registered at or by phone at 511. 

For more details on this program and how to use your compass card contact CSUSM Commuter Services at (760) 750-7520.

How To Use Your Compass Card

Before boarding the SPRINTER train, find the validator and tap your compass card flat on the compass card symbol.  
Tapping your card on the validator verifies that you have a valid transit pass loaded. For the BREEZE bus, the validator is in the bus.  

Tapping activates an automatic reload on your compass card - tap after the 25th of the of the prior month for the next month's reload and tap before the 15th of the current month to keep active. 

For more information on how to use or register your card if it is ever lost, stolen, or damaged go to or by phone at 511.  

SPRINTER Light-rail Train

The SPRINTER light-rail train runs both east- and westbound, from Escondido, CA to Oceanside, CA.  
The SPRINTER runs in conjunction with the BREEZE busses. More information and schedules can be found at:


Breeze buses operate throughout North County San Diego including: Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Carlsbad, and Oceanside.  


The BREEZE bus route 247 will run westbound from the Cal State San Marcos SPRINTER station stopping at Craven Circle then continuing to Palomar College with a stop at the corner of Via Vera Crus and San Marcos Boulevard.  


The eastbound 247 will travel from Palomar to the Cal State San Marcos, stopping first at Craven Circle then the Cal State SPRINTER station.  
Route 347 will run in conjunction with the arrival and departure of the SPRINTER. This route will run Monday through Friday beginning at 5:20 am at the Cal State SPRINTER station. The last run of the day departs Craven Circle at 7:37 pm.  

This is a regular North County bus and has set arrivals and departures, so plan accordingly. The driver will not delay for individuals. For complete information on the stops and schedule please go to