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USU Coursework

All prerequisite courses must be taken in a classroom setting. Community College courses may be used to satisfy these requirements. Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses for which one has been awarded college credit may also be used to satisfy these requirements. It is highly encouraged that those with Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit take upper-division science courses to demonstrate their ability to succeed in an advanced, rigorous science-based educational setting.

Applicants must have been awarded a baccalaureate degree from an accredited academic institution in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or Canada by June 1st of the year of desired matriculation, and must have completed the following coursework:


One semester of calculus or statistics. For the science majors at CSUSM, you will take at least MATH 125 and MATH 160.

MATH 125 “Pre-Calculus" (prerequisite for MATH 160)
MATH 160 “Calculus I"


BIOL 215 “Biostatistics for the Health Sciences”


MATH 242 “Intro to Statistics”


General Chemistry (one year of lecture and lab)

CHEM 150 "General Chemistry I"
CHEM 150L "General Chemistry I Lab"
CHEM 160 "General Chemistry II"
CHEM 275 "Quantitative Investigations in Chemistry" is equivalent to "General Chemistry II Lab"; OR
If your major does not require CHEM 275, take CHEM 175 "General Chemistry II Lab for Pre-Health Majors" with CHEM 160.

Two Options to clear Organic Chemistry requirement:

Organic Chemistry (one year of lecture and lab)

CHEM 201 “Organic Chemistry I”
CHEM 201L “Organic Chemistry I Lab”
CHEM 202 “Organic Chemistry II”
CHEM 202L “Organic Chemistry II Lab”


Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (one semester of Organic Chemistry and one semester of Biochemistry)

CHEM 201 “Organic Chemistry I”
CHEM 201L “Organic Chemistry I Lab”
CHEM 341 “General Biochemistry” (do not take CHEM 351)
CHEM 351L “Biochemistry I Lab”

Inorganic Chemistry with Lab: (optional or take if using AP or IB credit for General Chemistry)

CHEM 404 "Inorganic Chemistry"
CHEM 404L "Inorganic Chemistry Lab"

BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES: (One year of lecture and lab)

BIOL 210 “Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology”
BIOL 211 “Introduction to Organismal and Population Biology”


BIOL 175 “Intro to Anatomy and Physiology I for Nursing”
BIOL 176 “Intro to Anatomy and Physiology II for Nursing”;


BIOL 177 “Intro to Human Anatomy and Physiology for Kinesiology I”
BIOL 178” Intro to Human Anatomy and Physiology for Kinesiology II”

To request a seat in BIOL 175/176 or BIOL 177/178, you must submit this online form (Contact Department) at:

Upper-Division Biology courses: (optional or take if using AP or IB credit for Biology)

BIOL 351 “Molecular Cell Biology”
BIOL 352 “Genetics”
BIOL 353 “Comparative Animal Physiology”
BIOL 367 “Biology of Microorganisms”

PHYSICS: (One year of lecture and lab)

Choose one of the following sequences:

PHYS 101 “Intro to Physics I” 
PHYS 102 “Intro to Physics II”;


PHYS 201 “Physics of Mechanics and Sound”
PHYS 202 “Physics of Electromagnetism and Optics” (calculus-based);


PHYS 205 “Physics for the Biological Sciences I” 
PHYS 206 “Physics for the Biological Sciences II” (calculus-based)

ENGLISH, HUMANITIES, AND/OR BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE: (One year of writing-intense humanities, languages, social sciences, or psychology)

Here are a few examples of how you might clear this requirement:

GEW 101 “Principles of Written Communication” (prerequisite for LTWR 115)
LTWR 115 “Critical Reading and Writing”;


*PSYC 100 "Introduction to Psychology"
*SOC 101 "Intro to Sociology"


Foreign Language 101
Foreign Language 102
Foreign Language 201

*Behavioral Sciences is a part of the MCAT