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Fiscal Stewardship Actions

Students at CSUSM

President Neufeldt directed the appropriate staff to make recommendations regarding the prevention of future abuse and the improvement of fiscal stewardship. The recommendations that were endorsed and directed to be implemented include the following actions:

Take appropriate personnel measures in the best interest of CSUSM moving forward  effective immediately.

Seek financial restitution as outlined in Executive Order 1104 and refer to the District Attorney for further review – effective immediately.

Move oversight of travel department including auxiliaries to Assistant Vice President for Compliance and Operation with dotted line to the president – effective immediately.

Create a full-time internal auditor position – recruitment completed, position started in mid-April 2020.

Add staff and technology resources to the travel department – "Concur," new travel software, will be implemented for start of fall semester. New travel coordinator position hired, position started in mid-April 2020.

Update travel guides and forms – complete.

Implement improved employee education and training – All managers received training as of January 2020. All staff who have responsibilities related to preparing travel will receive updated training by the end of March 2020.

Continue to review and investigate other instances of questionable fiscal stewardship.