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ProCard FAQs

What are the monthly deadlines/due dates?

PeopleSoft Reconciliation Access: Closes on the 5th at 5:00pm
Reconciliation Package Due Date: by the 10th

I want to shut off my ProCard, what do I do?

You will need to submit a ProCard Agreement and choose the purpose - “Return a ProCard”. Once your DocuSign Agreement has been signed by all parties and the completed form sent to your email, you should cut up or shred the card.

The reconciliation period closed, how can I print my statement?

Once the module is no longer open for adjustments, you can go to the completed inquiry field in PeopleSoft (right below the one you normally use) and enter your name.  Your statement will be able to be printed, but you will not be able to make any adjustments.

The reconciliation period closed, how can I change the account for a charge?

After the 5th of the following month, People Soft will no longer allow changes. You will need to submit a FTR to the Accounting Department. The FTR will only need to be submitted with your reconciliation package if the charge was moved due to it being unallowable under the account listed on the statement.

I want to order food for a meeting, can I order from anywhere?

If the food is being delivered to campus, you must use one of the Approved Caterers. Your purchase must also follow the hospitality policy of the fund.

My card isn’t working, what should I do?

Is your card expired? Have you input the correct 3 digit code? Is the shipping zip code 92078? If the card is still being declined, please email

I see a charge that I didn’t make, what should I do?

Contact US Bank at 1-800-344-5695. Complete the Fraudulent Documentation form. The completed form must be submitted with your package. Please note: You will receive a Fraud Verification Form from US Bank which you must sign and return to US Bank within the noted time frame.

I want to make a purchase that exceeds my single or monthly maximums, what can I do?

You will need to submit a ProCard Agreement and choose the purpose - “Change to a ProCard”. Once your DocuSign Agreement has been signed by all parties the ProCard Administrator will review your request and either approve or deny your request. You will receive a response via email.

The vendor sent me an agreement, can I sign it?

No, Procurement must sign any agreement. Please send the agreement to

I’m going out of town and won’t be here to submit my reconciliation by the 10th, what are my options?

Your Approving Official will be responsible to have your package submitted prior to the deadline.

My Approving Official is out of the office, can my package be late?

No, please make every effort to turn in your reconciliation packages by the 10th. If your Approving Official has delegated signature authority, you may have that person sign and submit the delegation of authority notice with your package.

I need some ProCard training, what are my options?

Learn about ProCard Trainings. If you, have additional questions please contact

I know I had activity but when I sign into PeopleSoft, my search returns “No Results Found”.

Has the period closed? If so, you’ll need to go to the completed inquiry screen in PeopleSoft (see above). If not, remove any dates.

I accidently used my card for a personal purchase, how can I fix it?

You must immediately reimburse the University at Student Financial Services. You must submit the State Deposit Form with your reconciliation package. You must also submit a memo to the file explaining why the charge occurred and how it will be prevented in the future. 

If you have further questions, please contact