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The system Access Form is used to request new, modify existing, or remove user accounts in and other systems.  This includes access to finance, human resources, and student administration information, plus the OnBase ECM system.  The form must be completed by the appropriate MPP Administrator or his/her designee.

When you complete this access request form, you will identify the access rights to be granted to the employee. Please select the minimum rights that the employee will need to perform his or her job duties.  You may not grant rights in excess of the minimum.  In addition, you are required to revoke the privileges of employees who transfer out of your department or whose job duties no longer require access.

Please Note: Faculty requests for access to class and grade rosters do not need to go through this process. Only if a faculty member needs access to the administrative portions of the system should an Access Request Form be completed.

 Access Request Form


Access FAQs

How do I get access to the PeopleSoft system?

A PeopleSoft Access Request Form must be submitted by your supervisor or their designee. The form can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf document from the link above. In order to gain access to the system, you must complete the appropriate training classes for the type of access you are requesting. The Security Administrator will set up the security and will notify you when this is complete.

How do I request to suspend or remove the access of a terminated employee?

The same form, a PeopleSoft Access Request Form, is used to suspend or remove access. You can download the form by clicking the link above. Any PeopleSoft user who leaves the campus on a temporary or permanent basis or who transfers departments must have a current form on file. The Supervisor or his/her designee is responsible for protecting the integrity of the data systems to which their employees have access. When an employee transfers to a different department, or has a temporary leave of absence, a PeopleSoft Access Request Form must be submitted to notify the Security Administrators to remove the access. To re-instate access, a new PeopleSoft access request form is required to re-establish the access. The Security Administrator will set up the security and will notify the end user when this is complete.

How do I get additional security or change the security I have?

For changes to your access, your supervisor or his/her designee should submit a PeopleSoft Access Request form. The form should also be completed if a staff member leaves one department and moves to another or if a staff member is leaving the campus.

How long does it take to get access, once the request form is turned in?

Access could take up to five working days. High volume times such as the beginning of the semester may take longer. CMS staff in Finance, Human Resources and Student Administration need to be contacted to determine the appropriate roles to be assigned for each request.

What if I can't see everything I need to see?

Contact the Faculty Staff Help Desk to let us know what you feel you are missing, whether it's the ability to view specific information or if you need to see additional departments in your view. We will review your training record to ensure you have been given the appropriate access. Also, we will review your department security. If we have questions, we will contact your manager.

What can I do to expedite PeopleSoft Access Requests?

  • Plan ahead. PeopleSoft Access Request Forms can take up to five business days to process.
  • Provide accurate information. If you do not have the employee's personal information such as employee ID, please contact Human Resources.
  • Make sure you have arranged to have the staff person complete all the required training.