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ePAN Project

The OnBase ePAN Project was requested by Human Resources & Payroll Services (HRPS) as the current Personnel Action Notice (PAN) Form and signature routing is completely manual. We've been able to develop within OnBase an electronic Personnel Action Notice (ePAN) Form that retrieves data from PeopleSoft and also provides error checking. In addition, we were able to develop an electronic Workflow for the signature routing, which lets approvers electronically approve the ePAN and then OnBase knows who is next in the approval process. 

This new electronic form and workflow is expected to completely remove incorrect information by retrieving the data from PeopleSoft, remove the need of having multiple people validate the information on the form, completely remove lost PAN forms, give insight to the submitter and others in the process of where the ePAN is in the process (e.g. The ePAN is waiting for Payroll to approve or deny the request). 

Who can use the ePAN?

  • As of August 2016, we have implemented the entire FAS Division and IITS for ePAN form submissions and electronic workflow routing.
  • We expect to add more departments and divisions in the near future. Please check back for more information.

How do I get Support?

  • Please review the items on the OnBase Support page. There is support information and 'How To' guides.