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As an engaged campus, California State University San Marcos is a best place to work and study. We teach and lead by example. We’re the kind of place where people continue to be attracted to work, where employees have long term career options, where we create and nurture a climate of mutual respect and trust, and where we enjoy what we do and take pride in doing some of the best and most important work there is to do.

“Together, we have created an amazing learning organization, an institution that recognizes employee’s worth and that encourages collaboration across divisions, taking risks and communicating openly. Our collective efforts have made CSUSM a great college to work for and I am proud to lead this great institution.” Dr. Karen Haynes, CSUSM President.

Staff Career Spotlight:

Diana Sanchez


Career Counselor

As a student services professional, Diana saves the day by providing guidance to students; assisting students to think through problems and select suitable solution and courses of action. 

"As a long time employee of CSUSM (since 1991), I have watched this campus experience major growth in student population, academic programs, and community connections. I think what has made this all possible are the dedicated faculty and staff who are highly motivated to ensure students get a quality educational experience. It’s rewarding to work in an environment where virtually every person is committed to the same goal of pursuing excellence. I am proud to be a Cougar!"


Alyssa Kramer


Human Resources Analyst

Alyssa is a Human Resources Professional who works behind the scenes and uses her evangelistic love of technology to better streamline HR operations.

"Being the first in my family to graduate from college, there wasn’t a clearly-drawn path for me to go post-graduation. CSUSM was my home for four years as a college student, and when I saw an opportunity to transition into a staff role here I knew that was the path I was meant to take. I think what sets CSUSM apart from the rest is that it is a young university full of possibilities, and every employee gets to play a key role in the growth and development of this thriving campus. As an alumna and current staff member here, I can truly say that #IAMCSUSM!"


Dr. Geoffrey Gilmore


Director of CLASS

Dr. Geoffrey Gilmore is our Director of Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services. Dr. Gilmore uses several strategies and his student services expertise to provides campus-wide leadership for academic support services that affect the retention of students.

"When I considered working at CSUSM, I saw the CSU mission of providing access to higher education that CSUSM was genuinely committed to this mission.  Ultimately, it was the opportunity to be a service to underserved student populations in earning college degrees that attracted me to CSUSM.  The mission to provide access to higher education and serve underserved student populations is one that I remain committed to in my work."


James Nieves


Building Services Engineer

James is a jack of all trades (literally!), James helps keep the campus running by providing ongoing operation, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of heating, ventilating, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, refrigeration, water systems, and related building automations.

“There are so many great things I love about working at CSUSM. The people I work with are an excellent team of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals. Our supervisor challenges and empowers each of us to identify new and better ways of doing things. This opens the door for collegiality as we brainstorm ideas together to investigate, gather data, and work together toward a resolution in anything we are challenged with. The quality of work life at CSUSM is the best I have ever’s the people that make the difference”