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Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP)
Foreign travel insurance is available for purchase by traveling faculty, staff, and students participating in academic-related activities. FTIP is a specialized insurance product that is designed to provide coverage for losses related to short-term foreign travel. The coverage afforded by existing general liability and workers’ compensation insurance may not be adequate for faculty and staff members who experience illness or injury while traveling in a foreign country and may not offer sufficient protection against litigation in a foreign country. FTIP provides critical primary coverage for otherwise uninsured exposures. FTIP coverage includes-

General Liability - Primary general liability coverage for the University with a zero deductible.

Automobile Liability Coverage - Excess auto liability coverage including bodily injury, property damage, hired and non-owned physical auto damage, and auto medical payments. 

Accident or Sickness Expense Benefit - Primary accident or sickness benefit up to $250,000 with zero deductible.

Emergency Medical Benefits - Primary emergency medical benefit up to $10,000 with zero deductible. 

Cost of Coverage
FTIP is an insurance product that includes specific coverages and services and the premium is based on factors that include the travel destination, number of participants, and number of days of travel. The cost of this insurance premium is the responsibility of the requesting academic department or administrative unit.  Enrollment in FTIP is not automatic; it must be obtained and paid for on a per-trip basis by contacting Integrated Risk Management at 760-750-7475.