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Wellness is an active process and involves the interdependence of multiple dimensions in the pursuit of positive well-being.  Wellness encompasses 8 dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, financial, and environmental. 

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Wellness is

  • Caring for your mind, body, and soul
  • Influenced by culture and life experiences
  • Self-defined and dynamic
  • Not only the absence of illness or stress. You can still strive for wellness even if you are experiencing these challenges in your life.


Enhancing and maintaining your health and wellness is important for helping you achieve academic success, personal development, and lifelong wellness.

Basic Needs Initiative: Critical to student success at the CSU, the Basic Needs Initiative takes a holistic look at students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom, from housing and food security to mental health. Student engagement and well-being is a priority of Graduation Initiative 2025, which is supported by ongoing state funding. We’re working together to find better ways to support our students on their path to graduation.