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General Education Committee (GEC)

GEC Agendas and Minutes 21/22 (Accessible to Campus Community)
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GEC Policies
GEC Referrals 21/22 (Accessible to Campus Community)

  • Meetings are held: Thursdays
  • Time:  10:00 am to 11:30 am
  • Location:  Virtual
  • Meeting Dates:
    • Fall 2021 - September 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; October 7, 14, 21, 28; November 4, 18; December 2, 9
    • Spring 2022 - February 3, 10, 17, 24; March 3, 10, 17; April 7, 14, 21, 28

Voting Members 21/22

  • Tumay Tunur, CEHHS 21-23 (Kinesiology)
  • Joely Proudfit, CHABSS-BSS 21-23 (American Indian Studies)
  • Mary Stewart, CHABSS-HA 21-23 (Literature and Writing Studies)
  • Gerardo Dominguez, CSTEM 21-23 (Physics)
  • VACANT, CoBA 21-23
  • Torie Quinonez, Library 20-22
  • Marshall Whittlesey, CSTEM 20-22 (Mathematics)
  • Ibrahim Al-Marashi, CHABSS-HA 20-22 (History)
  • Karen S. Glover, CHABSS-BSS 20-22, GEC Chair 21/22 (Sociology)
  • Asher Lev Santos, CEHHS 20-22 (Public Health)
  • Janette Larson (CHABSS), Lecturer Faculty  21/22

Ex Officio Attendees (non-voting)

  • Regina Eisenbach, Dean of Academic Programs
  • Dawn Formo, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Andres Favela, Director, Educational Opportunity Program (VP Student Affairs' Designee)
  • Tyler Vaughan-Gomez, Articulation Officer (Alternate: Darwin Canseco, Associate Registrar) AVP EMS' Designee
  • Melissa Simnitt, Assessment Specialist, Academic Programs
  • Cesar Parra, Student Representative

Other Attendees (non-voting)

  • Lisa Medina, Registrar
  • Darwin Canseco, Associate Registrar
  • Domenica Pearl, Associate Director, Academic Advising
  • Criselda Yee, Curriculum Specialist, Academic Programs
  • Gayle Feallock, Catalog and Curriculum Assistant, Academic Programs
  • Christopher Long / Lynn Marie Rantanen, e-Advising Team Members
  • Brooke Judkins, Interim Dean of Extended Learning

GEC Committee Charge

The General Education Committee has general oversight of all issues related to the General Education program and the following specific graduation requirements: the U.S. History, Constitution and American Ideals Requirement, the Diversity and Equity Requirement, and the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement - Baccalaureate Level (GWARBL). The committee makes appropriate recommendations regarding the operation of the General Education program and fulfillment of the graduation requirements specified above.  In compliance with State mandates, the committee shall be responsible for reviewing, approving, and evaluating all new and existing lower and upper-division courses used to meet the General Education and specified graduation requirements; make recommendations on academic and student policies impacting the General Education program and the specified graduation requirements; establish and provide for periodic internal and external reviews of General Education policies and practices in a manner comparable to those of major programs; review articulation agreements with community colleges for courses satisfying General Education and the specified graduation requirements; provide information to the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding the General Education program and the specified graduation requirements; and be a resource for academic advising to ensure student fulfillment of General Education and the specified graduation requirements. In pursuit of these duties, the committee may create ad hoc subcommittees.

GEC Diversity & Equity Work Group

Work Group SharePoint Folders

Two GEC Members

  • Torie Quinonez
  • Tumay Tunur

Seven Faculty At-large Representatives:

  • Gloria Pindi, Associate Professor, Communication, CHABSS - Chair
  • Xochitl Archey, Assistant Professor, School of Education, CEHHS
  • Richard Armenta, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology, CEHHS
  • Christopher Bickel, Associate Professor, Sociology, CHABSS
  • Mtafiti Imara, Professor of Music, CHABSS
  • Xiaoye She, Assistant Professor, Political Science, CHABSS
  • Suzi Van Steenbergen, Ed.D., Lecturer, School of Education, CEHHS

Administrative support provided by Gayle Feallock, Catalog and Curriculum Assistant, Academic Affairs.

Work Group Charge

To meet the DE graduation requirement, the DE work group will be responsible for review of DE proposals to ensure they meet the following criteria established by the GEC 2018-2019 DE Work Group

  • Course design must substantially address 3 or more identities, with focus on intersectionality, across the semester.
  • Course design must address concerns of knowledge, disposition, and skill as described in the DE Requirement Policy and in the DE Evaluative Tool.
  • In addition, the DE workgroup will advise and make recommendations about proposals and process to GEC
  • The DE workgroup will submit regular reports to GEC outlining their work and make agendas and minutes available to GEC.

Work Group Membership

The DE work group will consist of GEC and non-GEC members and advise GEC on DE proposals and process. Special consideration will be given to interested faculty members who have demonstrated expertise in the areas of diversity, cultural proficiency and educational equity. The membership of the DE work group shall consist of five members: two current GEC members and three faculty not currently serving on GEC. The DE work group shall elect its chair from among its membership. GEC will ask NEAC for a special call for applications to seat the non-GEC members of the DE work group. GEC will select GEC members for the DE workgroup based on interest and demonstrated expertise.