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Lab Coat Program

Safety, Health & Sustainability (SH&S) manages the ordering, distribution, and laundering of lab coats for staff and faculty on campus. If you need to be sized for a lab coat or would like to request lab coats, please send an email to SH&S.

Lab coats are picked up for laundering and returned every other week by our vendor, Mission Linen. SH&S will routinely collect soiled coats from the designated locations listed below. Please do not deposit any lab coats without a Mission Linen ID barcode on the collar as they may not be returned.

NOTE: To ensure your coats are cleaned and returned to you in the timeliest manner possible, place your soiled coat(s) in the hamper at a designated location no later than Monday of Mission Linen’s scheduled pick-up week. Please refer to the information below.

Designated Locations for Soiled Lab Coats:

  • Science Hall 1 Room 112; In front of shelf 3 and 4.
  • Science Hall 1 Room 213; In the back next to the coat rack. 
  • Science Hall 2 Room 154; In front of the coat rack. 
  • Science Hall 2 Room 349; Next to the safety shower. 

Deadlines for Dropping off Soiled Coats 2019*:

*Mission Linen’s pick-up/drop-off dates are subject to change without notice. SH&S will do its best to keep this schedule as accurate and up-to-date as possible.