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Dr. Mark Baldwin Endowed Memorial Scholarship

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Friends and colleagues of Dr. Mark Baldwin, former dean of California State University San Marcos College of Education (now known as the School of Education), respectfully request your consideration of a donation to help establish the Dr. Mark Baldwin Endowed Memorial Scholarship at the CSUSM School of Education.

Mark’s true passion was encouraging and preparing students to become teachers.

Dr. Baldwin was widely known and highly respected throughout the region for the quality and depth of his relationships with K-12 teachers, administrators and other educators. Through his research and experience, Dr. Baldwin recognized the need to do things differently in order to impact public education and bring about change to ensure social justice and achievement for all students. Dr. Baldwin insisted that the development of effective high school teachers must include awareness and acquisition of particular dispositional characteristics as well as practical and innovative pedagogical knowledge and learning theory.  Dr. Baldwin's record of scholarly research and creative activity, teaching and service was exemplary.

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Scholarship Description

The Dr. Mark Baldwin Endowed Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to students in a Preliminary Credential program at the CSUSM School of Education. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship Campaign

Our immediate goal is to raise $25,000. This will establish the endowed fund in perpetuity at the CSUSM Foundation*. We are seeking support from the San Diego education community, CSUSM colleagues and alumni, and all those who wish to honor Mark’s commitment to public education, social justice, and achievement for all students.

Our Request

Your donation will be used to build the nucleus of the endowed scholarship fund. All that is needed to initiate a gift is either a donation or signed pledge agreement. In gratitude of your donation in memory of Mark, you will be recognized as one of the founding donors that established the endowed scholarship.

How to Make a Gift

You can donate online immediately or contact Stacy Slagor, director of philanthropy, at, (760) 750-4402, for additional info & ways to make a gift. Thank you for your heartfelt remembrance of Mark’s legacy as an educator, scholar, leader and mentor.

Donate Online

*All donations made will be held in a current use account until the $25,000 threshold is reached, at which point the account will be converted into an endowment. If the endowment is not funded in full or does not have commitments that will reach the total of $25,000 by January 1, 2027 (within five years), the funds will remain in the current use account and will be spent for current use scholarship awards for students with financial need in a Preliminary Credential program at the CSUSM School of Education.