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Single Subject FAQs

What is the configuration of the program? 
Candidates attend coursework on campus each Monday and clinical practice Tuesday – Friday at the assigned site, beginning with the first in-service day at the site, for the entire 16 week semester in Fall and Spring.

May I choose the school site/s for my clinical practice?
No, placements are based on which school sites and districts can host specific content area candidates (e.g. math, English, physics, etc.).  We are guests on the campus and the school site administration offer placements based on what is best for their students.

Is it possible to work during the program?
We highly recommend that, if at all possible, candidates do not work during the program.  Candidates are scheduled all day Monday – Friday from about 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. and the responsibilities, including coursework and clinical practice assignments, are rigorous and require a great deal of time and focus.

Are there additional requirements?
Yes, the state of California requires that candidates take and pass a Teacher Assessment exam, a process by which candidates submit responses to pre-determined tasks about teaching, based on their subject area.  The submission for this assessment, called the edTPA, is scheduled to be completed in the spring each year.  There is a cost of $300 to the candidate for scoring.
There are also co-requisites including CPR, a health course and documentation that the candidate has passed the US Constitution test.

And, last but not least.....what is our favorite ‘F’ word?
FLEXIBLE!  Educators must always remain flexible!  We are working with dozens of colleagues, schools and students and change is inevitable – having the right attitude is critical!