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Program requires a minimum of 30 graduate level units. Twenty–one (21) units must be taken in residence at CSUSM.

If you completed your credential from CSUSM in the last 4 years you may use 9-credential units for the MA in Education program. Note, you must complete the MA within 5-years of the beginning of your credential program for the credential units to be counted toward the MA.

We offer classes in fall, spring, and summer semesters. Our courses are offered one night a week face-to-face from 5:30-8:15 pm. Most graduate students take 2 classes a semester.

Required Core Coursework – 9 Units

  • EDUC 602     Schooling in a Multicultural Society
  • EDUC 622     Research Methods in Education
  • EDUC 698     Master’s Thesis / Project

Course Options – 21 units

  • EDUC 604     Knowledge Construction & Accomplished Teaching
  • EDUC 612     Literacy Development for Struggling Readers
  • EDUC 620     Curriculum Innovations and Applications
  • EDUC 624     Individual Difference & Assessment
  • EDUC 626     Creating Communities of Learners
  • EDUC 628     Applied Research Methods
  • EDUC 643     Critical Ethnography in Education
  • EDUC 650     Proposal Development

In addition, Education Certificate courses can be used for the MA in Education. See certificate descriptions and coursework.

Culminating Experience

EDUC 698 Course

The EDUC 698 course is an independent class to assist you in completing your culminating experience for your MA, either a research thesis or a curriculum project. A research thesis requires conducting a research study where data is collected and analyzed. A curriculum project is an original unit of curriculum instruction and materials to implement in an educational setting.  Each option requires completion of 5 chapters:

  1. Statement of the Problem – Identify a problem in education you want to address & your plan
  2. Literature Review – Describe the latest research that will inform how you will address problem
  3. Methodology - Step-by-step procedures to implement research or to develop curriculum
  4. Research Data Presentation for Research Thesis or Curriculum Presentation for Curriculum Project
  5. Recommendations – Describe what you want educators to do based on your research findings or how to implement curriculum

It is recommended that you take EDUC 698 in the fall or spring semester, when professors are available for support. To minimize your need to repeat the class it is suggested that you do not register for the class until you have your first three chapters approved, so that you are set up for success in one semester. 

Make an appointment with you committee at the beginning of the semester and develop a timeline of what is due in order for you to complete your MA this semester. If you do not meet the deadlines, be prepared to take this course again next semester.

The EDUC 698 cougar course website is designed to assist you with the writing portion of the activity as well as provide resources for your research thesis and curriculum project development.

Total Units: 30 units are required for a Masters of Arts in Education.

GPA of 3.0: Any grade less than a B- will be subject to review.