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Dual Language

The local Dual Language Certificate is a program within the Master's of Arts (MA) in Education-General Option program so that candidates completing the DL program can apply their courses towards a MA in Education-General Option - a 30-unit degree program.  Candidates can complete the local DL Certificate coursework in two to four semesters.  The DL Certificate courses will be offered fully online in order to include a wider representation of candidates from various communities.

For candidates seeking the Dual Language Certificate only, open university enrollment is available through Extended Learning.

Student Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes are addressed throughout the four classes.

Candidates will understand, analyze, and reflect on the major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to Dual Language Education through:

  • content instruction in the primary and second language to native speakers and English learners,
  • curriculum development, program assessment, and inclusion of students with special needs or struggling learners,
  • data-informed instruction and assessment of linguistically diverse students, and
  • cross-cultural competence for students and implications for educational leadership in diverse societies.


  • EDUC 656: Principles of Dual Language & Multilingual Education (3 units)
     This course, for new and practicing teachers, examines guiding principles for dual language and multilingual education. It analyzes the historical, theoretical, socio-political, instructional, cross-cultural, and community issues related to dual language and multilingual education in the context of a multicultural/multilingual local and global society.
  • EDUC 65: Crosscultural Competence for Educational Leadership in Diverse Societies(3 units)
    Equips experienced and beginning teachers in dual language and multiple language contexts on how to successfully navigate the socio-political contexts of school, society, and the home. Provides ideas on advocacy for dual language programs and ways to address cross-cultural competence in student-to student, parent-school, and staff interactions. 
  • EDUC 658: Practices and Strategies for Bilingualism/Multilingualism... (3 units)

    Practices and Strategies for Bilingualism/Multilingualism & Biliteracy/Multiliteracy Development 

    Designed for experienced and beginning teachers in dual language and multiple language contexts concerned with learning about the most effective classroom practices and teaching strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners in today’s diverse and multicultural classroom settings. 

  • EDUC 659: Curriculum Development, Program Assessment & Inclusion... (3 units)

    Curriculum Development, Program Assessment & Inclusion for Dual Language & Multilingual Education

    This course, for new and practicing teachers, examines the importance of curriculum and assessment in dual language and multilingual education, including the needs of struggling learners or students with exceptionali­ties in language and learning.


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Dr. Ana Hernández is Associate Professor of Multilingual and Multicultural Education and Coordinator of the Bilingual Authorization Program, Dual Language Certificate, and Multicultural Specialist Certificate in the School of Education. She earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the Joint Doctoral Program at the University of California in San Diego and CA State University San Marcos. Her research examines issues of equitable teaching practices and cross-cultural competence in dual language education. Dr. Hernández taught for 32 years in California public schools as a bilingual/dual language teacher in grades K-8th. She is one of the founders of the Association for Two-Way and Dual Language Education (ATDLE) and served as the President of the organization for four years and a board member for over 10. In addition, Dr. Hernández is a national trainer for dual language programs and involved in bilingual teacher preparation through Global Learning Networks.

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