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TRIO SSS First Year Freshman are required to take this class.

GEL 101 is a college and life success course designed for first-year students with a specialized curriculum for TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Scholars. This course fulfills the Area E lower-division general education requirement in Life-Long learning, self-development, and information literacy. Topics include research skills, career planning, personal life goals, academic/career plans, self-discovery, intellectual growth, time management, study skills, learning styles, financial literacy, health/wellness, and multicultural diversity awareness. The course topics will assist students with the transition to college life and introduce learning and success tools and University resources. This course will challenge you with experiential learning through peer collaboration, class discussions, teamwork skills, integration into college, community engagement, and utilization of campus resources.

GEL Fall 2024

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays
12:30 pm to 1:20 PM