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Financial Literacy

1.) Our goal is to provide students with Financial Literacy information to assist them in managing their finances. 

2.) Paying for College

Funding your education is essential, and these resources will assist you in planning to pay for college.

3.) Budgeting

Budgeting can help you track your bills and living expenses, pay off your loans, and save money. A budget is a detailed view of how much income you have and a list of your expenses for a specific period. Tracking your expenses helps you take control of your finances and consider the impact on your financial future.

4.) Personal Credit

Credit is borrowed funds to assist with significant purchase(s). Maintaining good credit is essential to qualify for mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards. In some cases, credit is used to be eligible for specific jobs and security clearance. 

5.) Loan Management

Borrowing student loans can be frightening and can affect your life in the end if it is not managed carefully. Here are three basic tips to help you with loan management from your time in school and forward:

1.) Know how much you borrowed in loans.

2.) Know your student loan servicer.

3.) Understand loan terms and repayment options.

6.) Book Recommendation(s):

7.) Financial Budeting App(s):

8.) Financial Wellness Podcast(s):