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TRIO SSS Stipend Opportunity


The TRIO SSS Emergency Stipend is designed to help TRIO SSS students who are experiencing financial distress due to unforeseen circumstances (Examples for funding may include: medical costs, educational costs, housing, assistance purchasing books etc.)

Who is Eligible?

  1. Active TRIO SSS students ONLY
  2. Must be enrolled full-time in Spring 2022 (12+units)
  3. Must be continuing in fall 2022 as an undergraduate 
  4. Must be in good academic standing with CSUSM (GPA 2.0+)
  5. Must be in good academic standing with TRIO SSS (Must have made all required contacts)


Friday, March 18 by 5:00 PM
Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible, hoping to award the stipends before the end of the semester. 

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