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TRIO SSS Stipend Opportunity

TRIO SSS Emergency Stipend Opportunity  

The TRIO SSS Emergency Stipend is designed to help TRIO SSS students who are experiencing financial distress due to unforeseen circumstances (Examples for funding may include: medical costs, educational costs, housing, assistance purchasing books etc.)

Who is Eligible:

  1. Active TRIO SSS students ONLY
  2. Must be enrolled full-time in Spring 2022 (12+units)
  3. Must be continuing in fall 2022 as an undergraduate 
  4. Must be in good academic standing with CSUSM (GPA 2.0+)
  5. Must be in good academic standing with TRIO SSS (Must have made all required contacts)

Friday, March 18 by 5:00 PM
Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible, hoping to award the stipends before the end of the semester. 

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