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STEM Ambassador Program

CSUSM STEM Ambassadors are outstanding undergraduate students who are part of CSUSM's STEM outreach efforts. They share their unique experiences at CSUSM with prospective students, they promote CSUSM science and math programs at local high schools and community colleges, and they serve as role models for current and future STEM majors.

What are some examples of STEM Ambassador Activities?

  • Leading tours of CSUSM research labs for prospective and current students
  • Sharing information about their undergraduate research experiences and/or internships
  • Facilitating Making-related activities during after school clubs
  • Conducting interactive science demonstrations for K12 students
  • Leading hands-on activities during community events and family nights
  • Participating in panel discussions about science and math careers
  • Distributing information about CSUSM science and math programs at career fairs and recruiting events