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Calc Boost

What is Calc Boost?

Calc Boost is a no credit, optional, self paced prep course for Calculus 2 (MATH 162).

Who should do Calc Boost?

Calc Boost is designed for students to complete the course over the summer or winter break prior to taking Calculus 2. The course involves completing practice modules on important math concepts from algebra, precalculus, and calculus, to help students feel more confident as they transition into Calculus 2. Students may choose to complete the entire course or just focus on specific topics.

How do I sign up for Calc Boost?

Calc Boost can be added as a course on a the student's Canvas page and can be worked through at the student's own pace.  Students interested in registering for Calc Boost should fill out our online Calcboost registration form below.

Calcboost Registration

For more information about Calc Boost please watch the Calc Boost Introduction Video: 

Calc Boost is a state-wide grant funded project and the course was developed out of a partnership between Mira Costa College & CSUSM!

For Help

Calc Boost is a resource provided through the STEM SC. For students who have questions or require assistance with Calcboost or the embedded My Open Math tool, come into the STEM SC during our open hours and one of our student assistants can assist you. For general questions feel free to email us at