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What is the Supplemental Instruction program?

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program is a model of student assistance designed to help students in historically difficult classes master course content while they develop and integrate learning and study strategies.  The goals of SI are to improve student grades, reduce the attrition rate within those courses, and increase the graduation rates of students. SI is a program for students and is facilitated by students. The centerpiece of SI consists of voluntary study sessions led by SI Leaders-who are past students who have done well in your class before and are recommended by you for the position.   

How do I know if my course is suitable for SI support?

Supplemental Instruction support is generally appropriate if a course is particularly tough as evidenced by high failure rates (from C- to F grades) and/or is an important pre-requisite/bottleneck courses within a major. It is not designed just for struggling students, but for all students because of the challenging nature of the material being taught. 

If you are interested in offering SI for a course you are teaching, please fill out the following form and/or contact Suzanne Hizer at

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