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About Us

Welcome Message from Dr. Gail Cole-Avent, AVP

Welcome to CSUSM and Student Life! 

Take a moment and think about what inspired you to join the Cougar Family. What excites you the most?  In what ways do you think you’ll positively grow? What do you want to achieve? What adventures lie ahead? Or, who will you meet? 

Whatever your answers may be, we are happy that you have chosen CSUSM because you are an integral member of our campus.

The Student Life professional and student employees are committed to providing an active and vibrant campus experience that will support your academic, career and personal pursuits. Access the directory of departments.

Whether the setting is in-person or virtual, we cultivate enriching opportunities that complement your coursework as well as help you to fulfill your passions. Through our departments, you can explore student leadership, organizational involvement, wellness and sport activities, social justice advocacy, self-discovery and identity expression, or social events,  just to name a few. Most importantly, we provide spaces where you can connect with others and truly be a part of the community. 

We look forward to supporting your journey.  As we say in Student Life “CSUSM is Better With You Here!”

With Cougar Pride,

Gail A. Cole-Avent, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Student Life


The CSUSM Student Life unit creates intentional, co-curricular opportunities through programs, services, and physical spaces to cultivate and enrich the student experience. 


To engage all students and student voices in experiential opportunities that lead to transformational growth, culminating in graduation and a lifelong affinity to CSUSM.