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Student Life Directory

The dedicated professional staff working in Student Life are committed to enhancing students’ college experiences through a variety of programs intended to support and supplement students’ academic endeavors through intentional co-curricular learning opportunities. The wide array of activities and services provided by these departments engage students in clarifying and challenging their personal philosophies, creating community, developing leadership skills, advocating for themselves and others, and preparing themselves to be successful citizens of a diverse global community

Student Life Departments:

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)

ASI is the official voice to express student opinions, foster awareness of student issues, and protect the rights and interests of students. ASI is comprised of student-focused entities, each with a unique statement of purpose in service of the mission. Students involved in ASI serve CSUSM students by engaging in lobbying for student concerns at local and state levels, planning and delivering social, educational, recreational, and cultural programming, participating in student leadership retreats, and advocating for social justice throughout our communities. Keep updated by following us on Instagram! More about Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)

Campus Recreation (REC)

Campus Recreation provides the CSUSM Campus Community with a variety of opportunities to de-stress, compete, create, explore, and experience a wide variety of healthy opportunities. Campus Recreation is a team with several different functional areas including Fitness and wellness, Sport Clubs, Intramurals, Outreach/Special Events, and Outdoor Adventures. Each program offers unique experiences to enhance students’ overall health and wellness. Keep updated by following us on Instagram! More about Campus Recreation (REC)

Student Leadership & Involvement Center (SLIC)

The Student Leadership & Involvement Center (SLIC) is the office of campus involvement. The department houses fraternity and sorority life, student organizations, and leadership programs such as the Tukwut Leadership Circle. The SLIC also provides students with a physical space to study (conference rooms and open space) and meet with friends. Keep updated by following us on Instagram and Facebook! More about Student Leadership & Involvement Center (SLIC)

Veterans and Military-Connected Services

The Veterans and Military-Connected Services team is comprised of faculty and staff, mostly Veterans themselves, serving CSUSM Veterans, active duty, and family members in a number of ways. They are dedicated to ensuring the successful transition of our students into sustainable careers, providing opportunities for mentorship and professional development; networking and portfolio building; and to meeting with VA claims representatives and university deans. Keep updated by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! More about Veterans and Military-Connected Services

University Student Union (USU)

Built on a foundation of community, the University Student Union is the heartbeat of the CSUSM student experience, committed to diversity, innovation and learning. The USU opened in January 2014, and is home to many departments, centers, and services that play an integral role in serving the campus community. Keep updated by following us on Instagram! More about University Student Union (USU)


Student Life Centers for Identity, Inclusion and Empowerment:

The Student Life Centers are committed to celebrating, educating and creating spaces for students to find a sense of belonging through developing self-awareness, exploring intersections of identity, and engaging in educational, social, and community programming.

As a collective, the Student Life Centers collaborate for maximum impact within CSUSM through educational outreach and programming, community events, and employee recruitment and training.  Cougars in Solidarity is the signature program which provides varying outlets for education and responses to student community needs in critical times.

Black Student Center (BSC)

The Black Student Center promotes the success of Black students through the principle of Ujamaa (pronounced "OO-juh-muh"), a term in the East African language of Kiswahili, meaning the process of working together as an extended family to build and maintain a cohesive community. Through the framework of the Social Change Model of Leadership, the Black Student Center provides a space for students to learn about themselves, to engage with their peers, and to share their unique voices with the larger community. Keep updated by following us on Instagram and Facebook! More about Black Student Center (BSC)

Cross-Cultural Center (CCC)

The Cross-Cultural Center encourages identity exploration by challenging students to think critically about social justice issues and appreciate differences. Our programs promote the development of cultural intelligence, examine various forms of activism, and train students for campus leadership, community engagement, and social change. We create a space for marginalized communities to belong and support efforts for them to achieve their fullest potential for academic success. Keep updated by following us on Instagram! More about Cross-Cultural Center (CCC)

Latinx Center

The Latinx Center is grounded on community building standards deriving from “Familismo” principals and operates from a Latinx Critical Theoretical lens. We focus on Latinx student cultural empowerment by providing affirming and validating literature, artwork, and media within our space. We educate students and campus members about Latinx traditions, culture, and issues impacting the community. The center serves as a connection point to multiple internal and external networks aimed at providing systems of support for Latinx identifying students. These center standards foster positive transformational experiences and contribute to Latinx student success goals. Keep updated by following us on Instagram! More about Latinx Center

Pride Center

The Pride Center creates connections. Individuals of multiple sexual orientations and gender identities, as well as their allies, come together to build a community of support. The Center provides a home-like environment for students, faculty, and staff to learn more about their own and others’ identities. Through education, programming, resources and social interactions, the Pride Center provides a brave space for students to grow and achieve success in their personal and educational journeys. Keep updated by following us on Instagram! More about Pride Center

Women & Gender Equity Center (WGEC)

The Women & Gender Equity Center is guided by principles of intersectional feminism with a focus on topics and issues broadly related to the experiences of women, trans and non-binary students, parenting students, and the impacts of sexism and misogyny. We build communities by upholding a brave space; fostering dialogue about gender equity and social justice; and providing resources for students to achieve their goals. With that in mind, we want everyone at the Women & Gender Equity Center to feel supported, included, and represented. Keep updated by following us on Instagram! More about Women & Gender Equity Center (WGEC)