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General Domestic Student Travel

Domestic Student Travel, Including Conferences

The following information is for CSUSM supported domestic student travel, other than travel with student clubs, associations, organizations, and Greek societies.

Faculty or Staff advisors planning student travel (other than travel with such student clubs, associations, organizations and Greek societies), should follow the following steps before travel begins:

  1. Notify your College, School, or Division partner as soon as you know travel will occur. This will allow the contact to keep an eye out for paperwork.
  2. Have each participating student execute a Release and Student Conduct Agreement prior to traveling.  Please note that minors’ parents must execute the Release.  Unless these forms are executed and returned, CSUSM will not authorize, support or fund travel.
  3. Send the signed releases and guidelines to your College contact before traveling. If possible, you are welcome to scan and email PDF copies of the executed documents.