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Success Coaching Podcast

students talking for podcast project

What is the Success Coaching Podcast Project?

The Success Coaching Podcast Project is designed to provide a voice to students. It is a place for them to create dialogue and discourse around how their undergraduate college experience is going. Students meet quarterly to discuss how their undergraduate experience can be improved upon and share with other students how they are navigating a path towards academic and personal success. Using principles of Human-Centered Design students tackle a variety of topics, create dialogue around the value of a college education, and breach many other topics regarding the higher education process. A human centered approach is collaborative in nature and focuses on problem solving. It is creative, iterative, and practical.

Episode 1: Inspiration Studios
Episode 2: Cougar Courses grade calculation

People, Technology and Other Topics of Discussions

  • Ask A Student: What is Important to You as a College Student?
  • Who Do You Think Needed to Improve the Current Student Support Service Practices?
  • How to I Use the Artificial Intelligence ChatBot?
  • What Has Been Your Experience with Success Coaching?
  • How Would You Use Technology as Communication Tool?

An Opportunity for Leadership Education and Development

Students who develop relevant skills and competencies in leadership, collaboration and project management are much more prepared for a post-graduation workforce or graduate school. Participating in the Success Coaching Podcast will help students to upskill and gain new and improved knowledge and wisdom. 

students talking in big group for podcast project

How to I Join the Student Team?

Becoming involved with the podcast project is simple. Simply email us at or message us through our Office of Success Coaching Instagram.