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Automated Operator Services

Tired of looking up phone numbers each time you need to call someone?  Try the NEW automated campus operator system!

To use the automated operator, simply dial x3000 and ask for a person or department when prompted and the system will transfer you.  For instance, to reach Telephone Services, you may call x3000 and ask for Telephone Services or dial x4530.  The automated operator may also be reached from 760.750.3000, so add it to your cell phone's contact list.

If the system finds multiple results for your request, say aloud the extension provided for the desired entry.  For example, if you ask for Jane Smith, the system might ask you if you want Jane Smith in Telephone Services at x4530 or Jane Smith in Web Services at x1234.  Say “4 5 3 0”  to transfer to Jane Smith in Telephone Services. 

Contact Telephone Services if any calls are misrouted so that we may correct them in the system. 

The automated operator will be available 24 hours a day.  There will be no change to the campus operator schedule of 8am to 5pm M-F.  Should you prefer a live operator, call x4000 and they are happy to assist in connecting you to the correct person or department.