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IITS Charges


One-time Charges


Jack Activation (new phone installation) $100.00
Phone Set New (12 button) $260.00
Phone Set New (30 button) $400.00
Phone Reinstallation after Disconnect $100.00
Voicemail Installation (adding voicemail to an existing phone) $10.95
Voicemail Reinstallation after Disconnect $10.95


Monthly Service


Phone Set $23.40
Voicemail $4.00
Fax/Modem $17.50


Move Charges


Computer $100.00
Computer Wipe & Reload for Existing Employee $100.00
Network Copier $100.00
Phone $60.00
Computer/Phone Breakdown $25.00
Phone Set Configuration Changes
(Button, ring and forwarding changes and disconnects affecting more than one phone; up to 10 changes per department/account included)

For new computer installations or computer refresh questions, please contact Technology Refresh Program.

For new Smart Conference Rooms or Digital Signage options, please contact Doug Goss, Classroom Support Specialist.