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Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE)


Beginning in Fall of 2018, the pre-requisite for registering for CHEM 150: General Chemistry will be:

Enrollment restricted to students with declared majors in: Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Kinesiology, Mathematics, and Physics.  A score of above 50% on the CPE, or either CHEM 101 or CHEM 105 with a minimum grade of C. Enrollment restricted to students in Math/Quant Reasoning Placement Categories I or II, or who have completed MATH 101 or MATH 105 with a grade of C (2.0) or better (or who have completed the Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) requirement prior to Fall 2018).

If a student has not completed CHEM 101 or 105 with a grade of C or better, they must take the CPE and attain a passing score prior to being allowed to enroll in CHEM 150. If an incoming student has taken the AP exam, but will not have scores reported until the summer, it is recommended that the CPE be taken.

The exam will be offered multiple times prior to registration, and a student will  be allowed to take the CPE twice. At this point, there is no charge for taking the exam, but it is required that a student register for a specific exam date. The number of spots for each date will be limited and no walk-ins will be accepted. 

NO-SHOW POLICY: if you register and are a NO-SHOW, that will count towards one your attempts for taking the exam.

CPE EXAM LIMIT: The CPE has a strict 2 limit policy. If you would like to take the CPE a second time, please register for a CPE that is a month apart from your original exam date. (i.e. I took the CPE February 20th, I will register for another CPE after March 20th) 

Spring 2020 Enrollment

The dates for the CPE for Spring Enrollment are shown below. Spots are limited, so register as soon as possible. You are only allowed to sign up for one date. (Registration will close 3 days prior to the scheduled exam)

  • Monday December 2, 2019 5:15 PM-6:20 PM (Registration closed)
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A sample of the content covered on the CPE is available here: CPE Content.

Information for students requiring special accommodations to take the CPE due to a disability is available: CPE DSS.

Additional information for the day of your CPE: CPE Info.