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Energy System Technology Evaluation Program

ESTEP is an Office of Naval Research funded internship opportunity for Veterans majoring in STEM fields to obtain paid professional experience while participating in cutting-edge alternative energy research for the Department of the Navy.

The research projects provide Veterans with a living stipend and professional experience, while developing the nation’s STEM workforce for the Department of Defense and our nation’s leading defense contractors.

Internships are coordinated by the ESTEP management team at CSUSM however, they are available to student Veterans attending other Southern California universities as well as those near Monterey, California and Oahu, Hawaii.

Transition is a uniquely stressful time for many Veterans, with unique challenges and stressors that are uncommon to the general college population. The all-Veteran ESTEP team supports and mentors interns toward their goals and ultimately, into sustainable careers.

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ESTEP Management Team
Tel: (760) 750-7051

Craven Hall 3700-40


Office hours by appointment
Closed Weekends

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Considered majors include:
  • All Engineering studies
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Applied Science
  • Applied Math
  • Applied Physics
  • Other related fields of study
Program Requirements:
  • Full-time student Veteran
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA 
  • One year commitment; Few exceptions - please inquire
  • Semesters: 10-20 hours/week
  • Summer: up to 40 hours/week