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Publishing to the Preview Server

The preview web server is meant to be used for development work to allow reviewers access to web pages without having the pages on the live/production web server and coming up in searches. The server matches "www" in nearly all ways for structure and styles, but some advanced scripting options may not function completely.

Example web addresses:

Publishing Option:

  1. Make the site edits as needed.
  2. Select the Save button in the WYSIWYG editor – this will save your changes as a development draft.
  3. Select Publish option like you normally would, but now there is an additional step/option.
  4. In the Publish Target dropdown menu, select "Preview"
    publish modal window screenshot
  5. Click the final "Publish" button.

Viewing Preview Content in OU Campus:

Besides browsing to the published web address like you can view the contents of the preview server from within OU Campus pages view by using the dropdown on the "Production" tab.

screenshot of pages view with preview tab selection

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