2012 - 2013
University Academic Master Plan

2012-2013 through 2017-2018
(as amended March 27, 2012)
California State University, San Marcos

Existing Schools/Divisions Degree Programs Offered Proposed Degree Programs Schedule for Review of Existing Programs
College of Business Administration
Business Administration
BS(ST)-MBA(ST)   2015-16
College of Education, Health and Human Services
Education           MA(ST&SE) 2012-13
Educational Leadership                               EdD** EdD 2010 2012-13
Human Development BA(ST) 2014-15
Kinesiology BS(ST&SE) 2013-14
Nursing BS(ST&SE)-MS(SE) 2017-18(BS) 2013-14(MS)
Public Health MPH 2013 (SE)
College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Anthropology BA(ST) 2012-13
Child and Adolescent Development   BA 2009  
Communication BA(ST)   2015-16
Criminology and Justice Studies BA(ST)   2017-18
Digital and Media Arts   BA 2008  
Economics BA(ST)   2013-14
Environmental Studies BA(ST)
Ethnic Studies   BA 2010 (ST)  
Global Studies BA(ST)

History BA(ST)-MA(ST)   2016-17
Liberal Studies BA(ST)   2016-17
Literature and Writing Studies BA(ST)-MA(ST)   2017-18 (BA) / 2015-16 (MA)
Mass Media BA(ST)   2013-14
Music   BA 2009  
Philosophy   BA 2008  
Political Science BA(ST)   2016-17
Psychology BA(ST)-MA(ST)   2014-15
Social Sciences BA(ST)   2016-17
Sociological Practice            MA(ST)   2012-13
Sociology BA(ST)   2017-18
Spanish BA(ST)-MA(ST)   2013-14
Special Major BA(ST)   2013-14
Visual and Performing Arts BA(ST)   2014-15
Women's Studies BA(ST) 2016-17

College of Science and Mathematics

Applied Physics BS(ST) 2013-14
Biochemistry BS(ST) 2012-13
Biological Sciences BS(ST)-MS(ST) 2016-17
Biotechnology BS(ST)-MBt(SE)+ 2012-13
Chemistry BS(ST) MS 2008* 2012-13
Computer Science BS(ST)-MS(ST) 2016-17
Mathematics BS(ST)-MS(ST)   2014-15
Public Administration   MPA 2007
Social Work   MSW 2007

NOTE: Underlined program is a nationally accredited subject area.
+ Pilot program.
*Approval will be contingent on evidence of sufficient student demand to sustain a viable program.
**Offered jointly with the University of California, San Diego.
(ST) = state-support; (SE) = self-support

Academic Master Plans

Note that all prior plans have been superseded by the 2012-13 Master Plan.