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Survey Policies & Procedures

Surveys are widely recognized as an important means for collecting information that can maintain and assure educational quality, enhance institutional effectiveness, improve student and employee satisfaction, and contribute to general knowledge. In accordance with University-wide Survey Policy, administrative and research surveys meeting the following criteria must be coordinated through the University Survey Committee

  1. Any survey for which the sample is comprised of 100 or more prospective, current, or former students.
  2. Any survey for which the sample is comprised of 50 or more university employees (staff, faculty, or administrators).
  3. Any survey for which the sample is randomly selected from a population of campus constituents.

Research surveys that utilize the Human Participant Pool or other convenience sample and administrative surveys designed to solicit feedback from participants regarding a specific campus event are exempt from this process. 

Those who wish to administer a university survey of staff, faculty, or students must submit a completed University Survey Proposal at least 30 days in advance of the desired launch date. If approved, the survey will be added to the University Survey Calendar maintained by Institutional Planning & Analysis.