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President's Awards

Outstanding Graduate Award (2013/2014)
Gary Simmons, Applied Physics

Harry E. Brakebill Distinguished Professor Award (2014/2015)
Alyssa Sepinwall, History

Employees of the Year (2015)
Patricia Diaz, Student Affairs
Janelle Temnick, Student Affairs

Ernest & Leslie Zomalt Service Award (2014/2015)
Elijah Pauser, Facility Services

Outstanding Faculty Award for Outstanding  Lecturer (2014/2015)
Terri Metzger, Communication, CHABSS

Outstanding Faculty Award for Scholarship & Creative Activity (2014/2015)
Susie Lan Cassel, Literature & Writing Studies, CHABSS

Outstanding Faculty Award for Service Leadership (2014/2015)
Marshall Whittlesey, Mathematics, CSM

Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching Innovation & Excellence (2014/2015)
Marisol Clark-Ibáñez, Sociology, CHABSS

President's Award for Inclusive Excellence and Diversity (2014/2015)
Minerva Gonzalez, College Assistance Migrant Program