Tenure Track Faculty

Matthew Atherton, Ph.D.

Donald C. Barrett, Ph.D. (Retired)

Kristin A. Bates, Ph.D.

Christopher Bickel, Ph.D.

Marisol Clark-Ibanez, Ph.D. (MASP Coordinator)

Sharon Elise, Ph.D. (Department Chair)

Karen Glover, Ph.D.

Alicia Gonzales, Ph.D.

Darlene L. Pina, Ph.D.

Robert E. L. Roberts, Ph.D.

Mary Robertson, Ph.D.

Cesar Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Garry Rolison, Ph.D.

Xuan Santos, Ph.D.

Adam Shapiro, Ph.D.

Theresa Suarez, Ph.D.

Richelle S. Swan, Ph.D.

Jill M. Weigt, Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty

Therese Baker-Degler, Ph.D.

Linda Shaw, Ph.D.

Lecturer Faculty

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Professor Patricia Bonchek

Professor Joe Briceno          

Professor Amber Colbert

Professor Margaret Crowdes

Professor Sharon Cullity

Professor Kimberly Dark

Professor Janette Diaz

Professor Michelle Fraser

Professor Donna Goyer

Professor Kevin Kilpatrick

Professor Norma Larios      

Professor Susan Miller

Professor Patty Oneal

Professor Mary Jo Poole

Professor Mary Roche

Professor Kathrine Rolison 

Professor John Schneider

Professor Kathy Shellhammer

Professor Ariana Steck     

June Yuen Ting 

Professor Jonathan Trinidad

Professor Jimilz Valiente-Neighbours

Professor Lori Walkington


Meeting with a Faculty Advisor is not required, but, is encouraged, especially if you have questions about specific requirements, course selection, and careers. Faculty Advisors for all of our degree programs are assigned alphabetically, by last name. 

Click link below to view Faculty Advisor assignments and Office Hours. Please contact your assigned Faculty Advisor to set up an appointment. 

Office Hrs./Advisors

Lecturer Office Hrs.