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About Us

Arts and Lectures seeks to inspire, motivate, and support learning for our students and the community.


Arts and Lectures provides a diverse offering of artistic, cultural, and scholarly events all based on input and proposals from students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and community members.

  • Arts and Lectures events are designed to enhance, enrich, and expand the learning opportunities of Cal State San Marcos students and our community.
  • Arts and Lectures provides a forum for learning that falls outside the realm of campus expertise and taps into the wisdom and talent of guest lecturers, artists, and performers.
  • Arts and Lectures brings the community onto campus to engage in artistic, cultural and scholarly activities, discussions, and debates.


  • Arts and Lectures provides a venue that stimulates discussion and debate on important, relevant, political, historical, scientific, and cultural issues.
  • Arts and Lectures introduces new and varied perspectives and provides access to events that might not otherwise have been offered to our students and community.
  • Arts and Lectures provokes thoughtful and critical reflection through its offerings and subsequent forums for continuing discussion in classrooms, student associations, clubs, centers, etc.


  • Arts and Lectures supports the University's instructional goals on intellectual engagement, learning, teaching, discovery, and application of knowledge.
  • Arts and Lectures reinforces the University's mission to expand access to an excellent education.
  • Arts and Lectures mirrors the university statement which values intellectual engagement, community, integrity, innovation and inclusiveness.
  • Arts and Lectures builds community by bringing diverse groups of people together. The opinions and content expressed through the Arts and Lectures series represent the viewpoints of the presenters alone and are not an endorsement of any campus entity or individual.