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The Arts & Lectures call for proposals for the 2020/21 academic year is now open! The hard deadline to get your event idea in for next year is February 7, 2020.

Each year, Arts & Lectures sets out to build a diverse and exciting lineup of events for our campus and local community. Our goal is to inspire, motivate, and support learning. We welcome and encourage proposals from all areas of campus and the community. Anyone can submit an event! You could be the one to bring an event to campus that has a lifelong impact on others.

Check out our past brochures to see the remarkable events we have brought to campus in recent years.

We will choose up to twelve “Regular” events that will be awarded up to $2,000 and two or three “Signature” events that will receive up to $7,500 from A&L to bring your guest to campus. Get your ideas rolling over the holidays and your submissions in by February 7!

Additionally, do you have a great event that is already funded and would fit perfectly into the Arts & Lectures series? We would love to consider it and help you advertise, market, plan, and execute your event!

For questions, please email Gina Jones, Arts & Lectures Program Planner at

Submit a proposal!

Categories up for submission:

  • Standard Events:
    • Event may be awarded up to $2,000 for your guest contract fee.
    • Additional tech requirements or equipment costs will need to be co-sponsored by outside funding sources.
  • Signature Events:
    • Event may be awarded up to $7,500 for your guest contract fee.
    • Proposals requesting more than $7,500 will be sent to the Provost for review for possible supplemental funding in addition to those secured as co-sponsors. 
    • One Signature Event will be selected per semester by the Arts & Lectures committee.
  • Call for Funded Events:
    • Do you have a great event that is already funded but would fit into the Arts & Lectures series?  We would love to consider it and help you advertise, market, plan, and execute your event.   

Proposal Guidelines

CSUSM appreciates and relies on your expertise and knowledge in various fields to create excellent and diverse programming. 

Since the inception of CSUSM, the Arts and Lectures Series has provided the campus and community with an array of innovative art, lecture, and cultural events.  In 2004, the program became committee driven, and events are now curated through a call for proposals.  Proposals are welcome from faculty, staff, and students from all departments as well as community members with a University liaison.

The Arts & Lectures Committee will choose a limited number of events based on their relevance to the mission of the program and CSUSM as a whole, campus and community impact, and the scope of appeal of the event.

We encourage co-sponsored events. Proposers are encouraged to speak with departments and other units on campus as well as community organizations to help develop quality proposals for any category above.       

*Alternate performance spaces may be available, please contact Gina Jones to find out more.

We will review all proposals early March and We look forward to your proposals!

Prior to submitting a proposal it is important to review the Standard Practices of the Office of Arts & Lectures and the Expectations of the Proposer so that you understand your duties and requirements as a proposer. You will need to correspond with your proposed guest lecturer/artist(s) regarding the travel arrangements and other matters.    

A Performance Hall Technical Questionnaire must also be submitted for events taking place in ARTS 111.

Submit a Proposal  

For further information, please contact Gina Jones, Arts & Lectures Program Planner at 760.750.8272 or