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Alumni Endowed Scholarship

The Association believes that, as alumni devoted to the efforts of Cal State San Marcos, it should support fellow and future alumni in furthering their education at the University.

Thus, we have created this scholarship to assist in lessening the financial burden associated with realizing professional and personal goals. The Alumni Association considers education as a lifelong process and believes that accessibility and quality must remain hallmarks of the University's tradition.

The Association is committed to strengthening this tradition by providing scholarships, programs, and services that assist Cal State San Marcos and its graduates in making their finest contributions to society. The Alumni Association scholarships are awarded annually and presented to both alumni returning to school or current undergraduates. In the 2017-18 school year, the Alumni Association granted scholarships to 5 deserving students. 

How can you help?

Many of us want to give back to our alma mater, and the Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship is one way to give back collectively.

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