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Laurette McGuire

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Laurette McGuire, Ph.D. 

Department Chair,  Associate Professor

(760) 750 - 8078
SBSB 2225


Laurette McGuire specializes in Medical and Indigenous Anthropology. Dr. McGuire’s research lies at the intersection of biomedicine, genetics and race and explores how race, class, and knowledge are co-produced through medical discourse. Most recently, she is exploring these issues through the topics of chronic illness, including type 2 diabetes, cancer, palliative care, health policy and cultural meanings of health. These topics highlight the links between social inequality, risk and health through knowledge and practices associated with chronic disease. The issues raised point to the intersection among three broad arenas of scholarly investigation; the production of knowledge, the social construction of racial categories in biomedical research, and the politics of US-Indian health policy. Her work highlights the links between how knowledge and discourse occurs within a social, political, and historical context, and the ways in which that knowledge is understood and acted upon. As a researcher she is interested in building and maintaining collaborative research that engages multiple stakeholders.