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Isabelle Placentia

Isabelle Placentia
SBSB 2226

Isabelle Placentia is an applied anthropologist currently working in the geographic
area of the Inland Empire within the state of California (Riverside and San
Bernardino counties). Her research interests include the political economy of
housing at the intersections of race, class and gender, the experience of foreclosure
at the individual and community level, and “how” the impacts of being unhoused
are embodied and reflected in negative health outcomes. She is dedicated to
Equity Orientated Collaborative Community Based Research (EOCCBR) and for the
past 5 years has worked with community based organizations in California, Nevada,
and Arizona which provide housing counseling and other resources to local
community members. As a member of UC Center for Collaborative Research for an
Equitable California (CCREC), she co-produces presentations with community
partners that engage policy makers as well as the general public in examining the
dynamic issues surrounding housing affordability, availability and equity. She is in
the final writing phase of her PhD. dissertation entitled “Living the Statistics: The
Experience of the 2008 Foreclosure Crisis and the Meaning of Homeownership.”
This work is the product of intensive ethnographic research that recorded over 100
foreclosure narratives shared by homeowners that were daily living through the
process of foreclosure.