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We are so happy you have decided to pursue your degree in Biology. Here at CSUSM, you will receive a laboratory-rich and innovative education that will give you a solid foundation to pursue your academic and career goals. Graduates from CSUSM are prepared for graduate research training, health professions, and the myriad of biotechnology positions abundant in our region.

The Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to promoting student success and is made up of diverse faculty and staff who are here to assist you.

Keys to success


Graduation Requirements

Know your college and major requirements. You have two types of advisors - Academic Advisors who help with general education and lower-division planning, and Biology Faculty Advisors who help with specific biology coursework selection, career advise and graduate school preparation. Plan early and see an advisor every semester.

Other Resources

  • Roadmap worksheets designed to help you plan your course taking sequence throught the four years. 
  • Major worksheets are designed to help you know which prepatory and major science and math courses you have and plan to take.

Tools available on

  • Schedule Assistant helps you build a schedule that works for you.
  • Degree Planner will show you what you will need to take.
  • Your ARR reports shows you what courses you have completed and need to complete to meet graduation requirements.


Get Involved

The college experience is about more than the classroom.


Stay Connected

Check your CSUSM email daily!

  • All students are assigned an email to the domain Don't miss important announcements!
  • Make sure you are part of the department TEAMS channell Students are automatically pushed into our TEAMS channel each fall, but if you are not receiving our messages you can request access.  We use this to post jobs, seminars, enrollment information, important timely info etc. 
  • CougarCourses is your enrolled courses website. Checking each of your course's CougarCourse page daily is VERY important for you to be academically successful.

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