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The ARTSmobile: Bringing the Arts Directly to You!

The ARTSmobile was a vehicle to provide arts education to thousands of children, parents, and teachers. The founding idea for the ARTSmobile was to bring the arts to children, since so many children do not have access to the arts in schools and fieldtrips have been severely limited because of school budgets. Building on the long established networks and arts education professionals of Center ARTES and partner SUAVE (Socios Unidos para Artes via Educacion, or United Community for Arts Education), the ARTSmobile immediately began fulfilling its mission as a vehicle for arts education for students and teachers throughout San Diego County.

The van itself was an exciting and dynamic artistic piece. Its exterior featured colorful, musical artwork designed by Greg Evans, Luann comic strip writer and Center ARTES board member. The ARTSmobile offered students numerous programs and activities (including, but not limited to the following):

Sites visited

Reynolds Elementary, Oceanside (Drama)– Oct, 2009

“We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to host your “art van” and to learn more about acting. Most, if not all students love art, music, and drama and because of the statewide emphasis on testing these very important subjects get dropped in favor of more math or more reading. Plus there are many children who are not academically powerful but who are wonderfully creative in art, music, and drama and programs like yours give them a chance to shine and to feel good about what they can do! We would love to have you return. All of the third grade teachers enjoyed Eduardo’s presentation and were delighted to see their students acting and having fun. Bonnie laughed after because Eduardo said that she had one of the toughest groups he had seen in all his years of working with kids. She wasn’t offended. She said she felt validated! Teaching can get lonely after you close your door and after you work so hard and sometimes you just can’t get it to work the way you think it ought to. Please come again!”
– Lauri Harrison, Teacher

Kelly Elementary, Carlsbad  (Drum Circle)– Nov 2009

Central Elementary, Escondido (Dance)– Dec 2009

"The dance troupe was simply amazing! They taught the entire fourth grade a dance (all at once in the MPR) and ALL students were successful. You should have seen the pride the students portrayed and felt their energy/excitement!

"On behalf of the entire fourth grade, thank you so much for arranging this special experience. Please let the dancers know how much we appreciate their efforts and tell them they are fabulous! Thank you for giving Central's fourth graders a brand new experience and making the students feel proud of themselves."
- Heather Peterson, Teacher

"I too would like to echo Heather's sentiments.  Our students had a marvelous time and totally got into it.  The instructors broke the steps down and it was very easy for the students to pick up the steps.

I shared about our experience with a fifth grade teacher and it sounds like fifth grade may be interested in having this opportunity also. Thanks again for providing this incredible experience."

- Joan Bohnstedt

Mission Elementary, Oceanside  (Drama)– Dec 2009

The Center ARTES ARTSmobile had long been a dream of our Executive Director, Dr. Merryl Goldberg, as a way to expand and advance the rapidly developing field of education in and through the arts.

Center ARTES would like to thank the Mangrum Family Trust and Ken Grody Ford for their generosity in helping make the dream of the ARTSmobile into a reality.