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Beyond the Stereotype

A CSUSM Social Justice Initiative to Stop Cultural Appropriation

A new series of thought provoking posters will be on display during the Spring 2015 semester at the Kellogg Library at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM), exploring contemporary issues of cultural appropriation and social justice. The exhibit, titled "Beyond the Stereotype," features CSUSM students tearing photos of various racial and ethnic costume stereotypes with the text, "There is more to me than what you see. Beyond the stereotype, there is history." The posters will be on display from February 3 – May 22, 2015, free and open to the public during all library hours. To arrange for a class visit or guided tour, please contact Outreach Librarian Melanie Chu or 760.750.4378.

The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center and Dr. Joely Proudfit are the co-creators of the Beyond the Stereotype poster campaign and images, which were the product of a yearlong collaboration between various University entities and student organizations, including the Office of Diversity, Educational Equity, Inclusion and Ombuds Services, Student Life & Leadership, Civility Campaign, Public Relations Club, American Indian Student Alliance, Dr. Fredi Avalos, and other campus partners. 

The aim of the project is to educate the public and campus community about cultural appropriation, often defined as the adoption of elements, such as traditional clothing, of one culture by members of a different culture, particularly when the source culture is a minority group that has been oppressed or exploited. Because cultural appropriation often enlists the use of stereotypes, part of the aim of the project is to also understand stereotypes and the harm they cause. A total of eight posters were created which are available for download below.

Click on poster image to download:

Beyond the Stereotype Poster 1
Beyond the Stereotype Poster 2
Beyond the Stereotype Poster 3
Beyond the Stereotype Poster 4     
Beyond the Stereotype Poster 5
Beyond the Stereotype Poster 6
Beyond the Stereotype Poster 7
Beyond the Stereotype Poster 8


Creative Commons License 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommericial-NoDerivaties 4.0 International License. These posters may be downloaded and reproduced for nonprofit and/or educational purposes. Neither the images or text may be changed or altered in any way.

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For more information about the poster series contact:

Joely Proudfit, PhD
Pnone: (760) 750-3535

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The posters are the product of a yearlong collaboration with many collaborators;(below), and the work was led by the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center and American Indian Studies classes.


  • Arturo Ocampo, Office of Diversity, Educational Equity and Inclusion


  • Joely Proudfit, Director of the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center, and Coordinator of Native Studies
  • Fredi Avalos, Faculty Fellow in Cultural Intelligence
  • Deborah Small, School of Arts
  • James Miller, School of Arts
  • Carmen Mitchell, Institutional Repository Librarian


  • Tishmall Turner, Office of Tribal Liaison

Student Organizations

  • American Indian Student Alliance
  • Black Student Union
  • The Cougar Chronicle
  • Kamalayan Alliance
  • M.E.Ch.A.
  • Public Relations Club
  • United Students of Color Coalition

Student Life and Associated Students

  • The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center
  • Greg Toya, Civility Campaign
  • Floyd Lai, Cross-Cultural Center
  • Gender Equity Center
  • LGBTQI Pride Center
  • Student Life and Leadership