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A group of Native American students

The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center (CICSC) remains unwavering in its commitment to generate precise, timely, and pertinent data addressing a myriad of facets including American Indian education, societal issues, health, climate action, and resilience, to mention just a few. At CICSC, we are proud to disseminate enlightening reports and foster avenues for multifaceted collaborative research. Our partnerships extend between students, staff, tribal communities, non-profits, and a diverse spectrum of industry leaders, all unified in a quest to explore and address issues pivotal to California Tribes.

To provide a detailed insight into the breadth of our work, we warmly invite you to navigate through the provided links.

Herein, you will uncover a rich repository of knowledge, exploring both ongoing and concluded research, projects, and publications. Immerse yourself in the profound insights and comprehensive understanding cultivated through CICSC's unwavering dedication to empowering and elevating our tribal communities.

Discover Our Work:

"Beyond the Stereotype" Poster Campaign

A Native American student in a Beyond the Stereotype poster

State of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Education in California

Cover of the The State of American Indian and Alaskan Native (AIAN) Education in California 2016 Report

Food Sovereignty Toolkit

CICSC Food Sovereignty Toolkit Cover

GIS Projects

A map showing the California public K-12 schools with tribal mascots

Grow Our Own Professional Development Project

Logo of the Pala Band of Mission Indians

Red Book: Southern California American Indian Education Resources

Cover of the Red Book: Southern California American Indian Education Resources publication

The Luiseño Language Preservation Project

CICSC logo

Luiseño Language How-to-Get-to-College Poster

The cover of the Luiseño Language How-to-Get-to-College Poster publication

Community Service Learning

A group of people sitting and working around a conference table

Test-Optional Admissions Policies and Equity Outcomes

The title of a Exploring Test Optional Policies Presentation