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Thank you for always being willing to change and adapt with each new wave of guidance, each new technology, and each new need from our students that together you have met with determination and a desire to do what's best for our community.

As we face another challenging semester, with many questions still unanswered, we know our students will receive the best education and service because it's YOU that makes CSUSM a special place to be each and every day.

Thursday, Aug. 25 in the USU Ballroom
9:00 AM
Light Continental Breakfast

9:45 AM
Live Stream Begins

10:00 - 11:15 AM
Provost Carl Kemnitz
Academic Senate Chair Yvonne Nalani Meulemans
ASI President Julia Glorioso
President Ellen Neufeldt

Keeping Each Other Safe

We are continuously updating our Safety Protocols based on local health guidance and the feedback we receive from you. Please browse the CSUSM as One website and read your campus emails for information as it becomes available.

As part of the CSUSM community, it is all of our responsibility to look out for the health of ourselves and of each other. Thank you for taking appropriate steps to protect your health, your loved ones’ health, and the campus community’s health by following our campus health and safety measures.

CSUSM as One Website Report a Safety Concern

Professor Luna with student


In 2021 we began working together to create a new institutional strategic plan – a plan that would not only reflect our values but lay out a way forward as we look to the next five to seven years. We are excited to share our newly launched strategic plan: The Power of CSUSM.

The Power of CSUSM not only renews our institutional commitment to our students and our region but expresses a cohesive framework of who we are today, and what we intend to be in the future. With your feedback, we have developed a new mission, a new vision and new values. We have also outlined goals and objectives that will help us achieve our aspirations. We invite you to browse the strategic plan website and explore the Power of CSUSM.

Our Mission, Vision and Values Power of CSUSM Goals

Connecting With Colleagues

Deepen your personal and professional connections with the incredible community that surrounds you. The Faculty Center and Staff Center have a diverse and interesting set of programs and opportunities to get involved, develop professionally and meet new friends that may inspire you.

Faculty Center Staff Center

Colleagues together on campus