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CSUSM Staff Center

Launched in August 2020, the Staff Center is a care initiative and an important component of CSUSM's efforts to ensure that all staff have access to peer support, opportunities for professional development and advancement, and referrals to on and off-campus resources. The Center aims to provide resources to develop, care for, and retain CSUSM's talented employee base. While entirely virtual currently, the Staff Center is committed to providing programming and events for CSUSM staff. 

The CSUSM Staff Center provides a singular location for CSUSM employees to locate and access the many resources already available, including everything from HR and Benefits, to tech trainings, to opportunities for connecting with other employees. 


To foster a community that inspires belonging, encourages personal and professional development, and connects staff to holistic services and support.


To createan environmentwhereall staff feel valued andsupported andare given the tools to thrive in their personal and professional livescontributing totheculture of careembraced bythe entire campus. 

Staff taking a selfie
Staff at reception
Staff at SAND event

If you need assistance finding a specific resource on campus, please reach out directly to