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Staff Appreciation

Thank-a-Colleague and Cougar Kudos

Recognize a colleague with a virtual greeting card or a shoutout in the Staff Center's newsletter.

Submit a Thank you or Cougar Kudos.

Employees of the Month

The Employees of the Month are staff members recognized by the Office of the President each month for their outstanding representation of CSUSM to the campus community, their contributions to improving the flow of university business operations, and/or their contributions to the success of CSUSM.

To nominate a non-MPP staff member for this monthly recognition, submit a nomination form to

Cougar Spotlight

Our Non-MPP staff are critical to everyday operations on our campus. They work with students, support our faculty and ensure that our campus runs smoothly. The Cougar Spotlight program provides us an opportunity to get to know more about what our incredible staff do and what makes them tick.

Cougar Spotlight Interviews